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Dignity of Noble USA – Board Of Directors

Dignity of Noble USA - Board Of Directors

Our volunteers are leaders & experts in a specific area of support- with belief in giving back, have passion for social impact, and reason the life with meaning
Ravi Rao - 1st

Road map

Shaan Seth - 1st

Board Development

Dev Raj - 1st


Tej Modi - 1st

ADA Compliance, Disability Law

Veer Modi - 1st

Employment Wages Law

Ved Shah - 1st

HR, Payroll & Legal

Ram Kumar - 1st

Corporate Legal compliance and ethics

Guru Bedi - 1st

Government Relations

Dru Das - 1st

Disability Community Relationships

Nilay Goel - 1st

Other Not-for-profit community

Ahana Das - 1st

PWDs Relationship

Hari Bedi - 1st

Treasury & Finance

Puja Jain - 1st

Financial Modelling and planning

Kush Dixit - 1st

Donor Search

Ruhi Dubey - 1st

Donation Fund raising

Suraj Jain - 1st

Donor Relationship Management

Raj Mani - 1st

Project Management

Diya Das - 1st

Product Management

Nik Jha - 1st

Contracting Specialists

Ruhi Deol - 1st


Ravi Jha - 1st

Not-for-Profit Education & Best Practices

Ali Khan - 1st

Recruitment Knowledge

Sara Ali - 1st

Case Managers

Rekha Jain - 1st

Training CRMs

Adya Shah - 1st

Training Recruiters

Jai Arya - 1st

Client Relationship Strategy

Juhi Goel - 1st


Anvi Ray - 1st

AI based Digital Platform (Technology support)

Sneha Goel - 1st

Woman Disabled

Vivek Jha - 1st

Veteran Disabled

Manu Deol - 1st

Pitch Deck

Bina Dixit - 1st

Digital Marketing