We Act For Sustainable Positive Social Impact

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a Not-for-profit organization for training PWDs on ready-to-deploy job skills
501 (c) (3) Donations/ Donations CrowdFunding


To create a world, in which all persons and their families live in dignity, with equal rights and opportunities, and achieve full potential


Thrive to build security & self-esteem for persons with disabilities by empowering them with ready-to-deploy job skill and employment

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a Public-Benefit organization for empowering PWDs in workforce
Debt & Equity CrowdFunding

501 (c) (3) Donations/ Donations CrowdFunding

Debt & Equity CrowdFunding

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Role Training & Explainatory Videos
Role Training & Explainatory Videos
Role Training & Explainatory Videos
Role Training & Explainatory Videos

Join Us and Earn

  1. Upload your resume
  2. Connect to job opportunities
  3. Opt “Dignity of Noble“ as your employer or representing organization
  4. Get paid

Refer a Friend

  1. Upload resume of your references
  2. Ask your reference to connect to job opportunities or platform picks your referenced resumes for matching job opportunities
  3. Get paid a fixed amount, if your referenced resume is selected for any job opportunity

Train Job skills

  1. Subscribe & market your training material
  2. Invite trainee enrolled in cost sharing class room model

Post Job

  1. Post a job
  2. Pick a job applicant form the platform
  3. Job applicant opts Dignity Of Noble as employer
  4. Provide reference bank account number
  5. Get paid

Spread the word

  1. Spread the word using social media
  2. Gain points to be on our “Wall Of Support” by accumulating 1000 points by posting our work In FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other channels 

Our Commitment Road Map for Specially Abled Workforce Development

  1. Women

    Phase 01
  2. Veterans

    Phase 02
  3. Low income group

    Phase 03
  4. Civilian other than VSH(Vision, Speech, Hearing)

    Phase 04
  5. Assistive Technologies to empower VSH PWDs

    Phase 05
  6. (VSH) Vision, Speech, Hearing Impaired

    Phase 06
  7. Non-English-speaking

    Phase 07
  8. Underprivileged- Low Income Group workforce readiness

    Phase 08
  9. Age 14 to 18 Potential workforce Education Job Skill’s Development

    Phase 09
  10. Age>=65 (senior care)

    Phase 10